IM welcomes John Royle to its Business Club

January 20, 2015

Innovation Martlesham is pleased to welcome John Royle to the Business Club at Adastral Park.

John has recently returned to Suffolk from Western Australia where he has been working on two start-up projects called Chronicle and Livepad41. John is looking to further develop these start-ups in the UK.



Chronicle assists individuals, organisations and communities to capture and share their personal stories digitally.  A portfolio of tools and programs helps people to create quality digital stories that blend audio narrative and imagery into 2/3 minute videos.  Chronicle also curates stories into projects for organisations that can help achieve outcomes across place making, community development, tourism, advocacy and health.


Livepad41 150

Livepad41 is an audience engagement tool that visualises audience reaction in real time and provides analysis back to stakeholders.  Using a web-based platform, the tool allows organisations to present real-time visualisations of audience or community feedback as a crowd reaction to a statement or question. The intelligent real-time visualisation provides audience ‘wow’ factor, event buzz and encourages participation.   Interaction and feedback can occur at key points during an event or can happen continuously over longer periods (even weeks for public displays).   The platform provides analysis of results that can inform real-time discussion, strategic and policy decision-making.


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