IM Welcomes Intel to the Cluster

May 30, 2013


IM is delighted to welcome to the cluster Intel, who on Friday 24th May announced with BT the launch of the BT and Intel Co-Lab.

The Co-Lab focuses on research projects where there is a high degree of research synergy for both BT and Intel, with common research objectives and with researchers working side by side at Adsastral Park. Initial focus areas are Network Function Virtualisation (NfV) and Connected Communities.  NfV is a new form of network architecture, which could enable network providers to run network functions as software on standard high volume server architectures, to save costs, save energy, and increase the speed with which we can deliver new services.  Connected Communities focuses on enhancing lifestyles and doing more with less resources, making use of sensor networks and analytics to optimise areas such as home energy use, transport, and city infrastructure.

Come and find out more about how BT and Intel are working together at the IM Breakfast on 11th July   where John Wittgreffe, Director of the BT and Intel Co-Lab will be joined by key researchers from Intel to share with us how the Co-Lab works and to tell us a little more about the flagship projects.

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