IM Welcomes Audit Resource Technology TKS Ltd

May 17, 2018


Audit Resource Technology TKS Ltd, have joined the cluster and we’re delighted to welcome Christian Pawsey, Co-founder, and Chris Barnard, Audit Manager.

Audit Resource Technology TKS Ltd are the UK partners to Group TKS in Spain.  Their mission is to  keep developing and use their proprietary technology to make physical auditing simple and accurate, and to help others benefit by using the same technology.  The professional audit team manage audit work throughout the UK. The FOCUS  App, developed in Spain and used in audits across Europe, allows instant secure access for clients to update stock and other details, and to receive live updates and reporting. This applies to audits as they happen and also provides comprehensive historical and analytical data.

FOCUS has a standard format, but can easily become a bespoke tool and is being constantly updated, improved and developed. Most importantly it’s so simple and intuitive to use.  Auditors can accurately and efficiently work through every audit, with complete visibility as the audit takes place.

Clients use the same tool to perform their own audits, which results in greater visibility and control, creating accurate live and historical records and reduced auditing costs, as well as saving money from the increased information available.

Christian says “ I chose  to be part of Innovation Martleshan for many reasons: having the experience of the mentor team to assist us will be really useful, as well as with the potential of being able to meet and associate with businesses much larger than ART-TKS.  The location is ideal, well served by transport links and close to the A12, and other on-site facilities such as the meeting rooms, gym, catering, showers are a great bonus.  I’m excited to be here, keen to get started and optimistic for the future”



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