IM Welcomes Another New ICT Tenant to Ross: Meet Criterial

December 15, 2011

As you may have heard IM has been attracting more ICT companies to its high tech cluster at Adastral Park.

Since 2008, Innovation Martlesham has attracted over 20 new companies to the campus, and we have seen steady progress recently with 7 new ICT tenants moving into newly refurbished Ross Building over the past 6 months.

One of these new ICT tenants is software development company Criterial.

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Criterial is a software development company which specialise in helping businesses become more efficient and reduce operational risk and financial losses by introducing ‘best practices’ to end-user computing solutions.

Most businesses use spreadsheets and a number of these could be used to support ‘business critical’ functions. These spreadsheets are developed to varying degrees of quality, the extent of testing is unknown and usually they are not subject to change management procedures. Where spreadsheets support business critical functions the impact of incorrect results could be significant.

Criterial can help implement appropriate spreadsheet and Access governance frameworks, including the design and implementation of policies, minimum design standards, control processes, training and awareness programmes, and the consideration and implementation of spreadsheet management tools.

The company can also assist in re-mediation work and the development of bespoke applications.

Criterial is one of seven new ICT tenants which moved into the newly refurbished Ross Building at Adastral Park in the past six months.

Chris Miller, Director of Criterial said, “The site, infrastructure and opportunity to collaborate with other ICT companies that Innovation Martlesham offers us, has huge potential.”

For more information or to contact Criterial, please visit their website:

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Chris Miller, Director of Criterial

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