IM welcomes 3M

August 17, 2015

3M Logo 150

Innovation Martlesham is delighted to welcome 3M.

Whether a service provider, network operator, original equipment manufacturer, network installer or building owner, 3M provides end-to-end solutions that are fast and easy to install and will perform in even the most demanding of ‘mission-critical’ situations.  All 3M cabling solutions are backed by a flexible range of consultancy and project support services.

A proven FTTX track record – 3M brings 40 years of network design and product innovation across 46 technology platforms to create customer-centric solutions.  Working in collaboration with a number of major operators in Europe, Asia and the US, 3M has installed high-calibre communications solutions for many of the biggest global organisations and in some of the most demanding situations imaginable. Employing some of the best experts in the industry, 3M has for many years worked closely with the industry associations tasked with creating international cabling standards.

3M supports FTTH, FTTP, FTTC and FTTA implementation with a range of solutions that cover: reliable fibre splice protection solutions; high performance fibre connections; flexible fibre management solutions; compact, reliable and craft-friendly premise solutions.

Focusing on real benefits:

–          Increased – installation speed, ROI, scale-up capability

–          Reduced –  CAPEX and OPEX, dependency on highly skilled labour

–          Improved – installation quality, network reliability, future maintenance

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