IM Launches ‘Nicky In Conversation With’ ….. Tune In To Hear Nicky’s Chat With Mike Ashwell, Tech Mahindra

December 12, 2018

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Innovation Martlesham (IM) is delighted to launch ‘Nicky In Conversation with’ …

Nicky Daniels, Head of Innovation Martlesham  will be bringing to the IM Website short podcasts, chatting with members of the ecosystem to learn more about their companies and to demystify current trends in technology.

At the launch Nicky said ‘Technology terms and ideas seems to change by the day and I regularly get asked what ‘this or that’ actually means and ‘is it the next great thing or just hype’. So to try and help demystify some of the current tech trends I’m launching a series of conversations over coffee’.

The first podcast in the series is a conversation with Mike Ashwell from Tech Mahindra. Mike explains Tech Mahindra has moved on from being seen as an ‘offshore’ company to a company that not only delivers systems integration solutions it also creates digital experiences for their customers. He highlights the importance of innovation to Tech Mahindra and articulates the benefits of the recently opened Maker Lab at Innovation Martlesham. This Maker Lab is now part of the global Maker Lab network and Mike explains how this can be exploited as a collaboration tool making the possible a reality. Mike also summarises the value the Innovation Martlesham ecosystem offers not only Tech Mahindra, but also the other companies in the cluster.



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