IM is delighted to welcome Takeaway Taxi

March 17, 2015

TT 200


Innovation Martlesham is delighted to welcome Takeaway Taxi.

As UK consumers become more affluent and demanding, a steep rise in home delivery services from food outlets is predicted that mirrors the delivery phenomena that we have already seen  through services like Tesco home-delivery and Amazon on-line shopping.

Takeaway Taxi has developed a website and a commission-based relationship with many fast food outlets in Ipswich, and is planning to expand into the rest of Suffolk, Essex and Cambridge in the medium term, and London in the long term. Information from customers placing orders on the website is directed to drivers automatically, via a combination of bespoke software and web-based mapping, to arrive at a solution that requires little or no intervention from managers or drivers.

One of the challenges faced by Takeaway Taxi from the start was to develop a delivery system that was ‘zero-touch’, from their point of view, requiring customers only to specify the details of their order and their location, so that they could rely on prompt and accurate delivery of their food order to their door.

Although challenging, a proof of concept pilot has been successfully developed and is running in Ipswich now, and the success of the service suggests that it could be extended into delivering pharmaceuticals from chemists, groceries from smaller shops, and many other commodity delivery services.

Visit the website.

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