IM Incubator Open for Enquiries

July 9, 2012

Innovation Martlesham is once again open for applications from start-up companies in the ICT and technology space for its Incubator program.

IM Incubator Benefits

  • 6 to 18 months’ rent free office space and communications services
  • access to a range of business mentors (click here for a list of mentors)
  • invited to all IM events and networking gatherings
  • if the technology or solution is relevant, companies have the chance to be considered to be part of the showcase facilities (click here to read more about benefit of the showcase)
  • part of a technology eco-system with a wide variety of other ICT companies (click here for a list of IM companies)

Entrance Process and Support
They are overseen by the IM Incubator Panel, who also provide on-going guidance and review meetings to help the companies become sustaining and commercially successful businesses.

Contact us for information about the IM Incubator
Technology based start-ups interested in applying to join the IM Incubator can contact Jim Milne at

Past Incubator Graduates


Disect Systems Ltd is a UK based developer of scanner imaging software specifically designed to run on conventional computing platforms rather than expensive bespoke solutions. Disect are planning on spinning out another company for an exciting and very different new ‘online product’ later this year.

Derek Brinkley, CEO of Disect said, “The advice and support from the team of business mentors was invaluable in setting us off in the right direction. Being based at Adastral Park, a well-known address with other ICT companies has also been helpful to our business.”


OXEMS has a brand new solution for precision surface based location and identification of buried utility assets, particularly modern plastic assets which are notoriously difficult to find once buried. OXEMS have been trialling their underground asset management solution with UK water utilities.

“Kevin Gooding, CEO of OXEMS, said,  “Being part of the IM Incubator provided many distinct advantages including having an  Adastral Park address and use of the wider site facilities. This, along with the networking opportunities, have been invaluable, since I did not know any of the companies or individuals OXEMS is now working with before I joined the Incubator.  The quarterly reviews by the Incubator Review Panel provided useful feedback, and the targets set ensured that I remained focused and didn’t get ‘lost’.”

Click here for to contact us about the IM Incubator

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