IM Incubator Company Speaks to Oxford Undergraduates

October 18, 2013


Current Innovation Martlesham Incubator company MindGraph was recently asked to give a talk to a group of MSc Marketing students from Oxford Brookes University on how Twitter can be used to understand consumer behaviour, in terms of consumers’ needs and motivations to buy.

The students were thrilled to learn about the impact of User Generated Content on businesses and the influence of internet and mobile technology in shaping consumer behaviour.

MindGraph is a social research company which aims to deliver deep consumer insight by analysing online social data to facilitate our clients in their product development landscape and marketing strategies. Our key focus is understanding why consumers do what they do.

Every business wants to identify the next big thing, either to enhance their existing product offering, develop new products, or to fuel their marketing strategies. Traditionally organisations are relying on surveys and focus groups to understand the minds of the market, but the proliferation of mobile and web technologies has enabled organisations to glean insights from User Generated Content like never before.

Existing solutions offering sentiment analysis are good at understanding consumer attitudes toward a brand or a product, but do not offer deep enough insights for many marketing problems. Marketers need to understand what different product concepts mean to consumers and what their experience, in terms of their behaviour, means in different situations. These issues involve deep and subconscious meanings of consumers’ emotions and thoughts. Organisations wanted more than just sentiments to understand consumer’s actual behaviour. MindGraph’s solution is uniquely positioned to take up this challenge.

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