IM Incubator Call for Entries

August 23, 2011

ICT Incubator is accepting enquiries from ICT start-ups looking for support to grow their business

Innovation Martlesham, the high-tech cluster for ICT companies located at Adastral Park, announced it is open to receive entries of interest from start-up companies in the ICT space for its Incubator program.

The IM Incubator nurtures technology companies in their early stages, providing rent free office space and communications services for a minimum period of six months.

Incubator companies benefit from having access to a group of business mentors from a range of disciplines that provide support in areas such as business strategy, marketing and financial modelling to help develop their businesses.  Many of the mentors also have specific experience starting up their own company.

As part of Innovation Martlesham, Incubator companies are invited to all events and networking gatherings.  This gives smaller ICT start-ups the unique opportunity to be part of a collaborative environment with other ICT companies, helping to grow and develop their business.  ICT Incubator companies also reap the benefit of being co-located with some of the world’s leading ICT companies including Alcatel-Lucent, BT, Cisco Systems, Fujitsu and Nokia Siemens Networks.

Companies are accepted into the Incubator though a selection process to ensure their idea is commercially viable. While in the incubator, companies are measured against on-going targets to help them become sustaining and successful businesses.

OXEMS is one of the IM Incubator companies with a brand new solution for precision surface based location and identification of buried utility assets, particularly modern plastic assets which are notoriously difficult to find once buried.  Kevin Gooding, CEO of OXEMS, said,  “Being part of the IM Incubator has provided many distinct advantages including having a BT Adastral Park address and use of the wider site facilities. Having access to mentors has been particularly helpful, specifically with the personal recommendation of potential partners.  This, along with the networking opportunities, has been invaluable, since I did not know any of the companies or individuals OXEMS is now working with before I joined the Incubator.  The quarterly reviews by the IM Board provide useful feedback, and the targets set ensure I remain focused and don’t get ‘lost’. The IM Incubator also allows me to work in an atmosphere with other companies in the same position-which is important as it can get lonely in a start-up!”

Innovation Martlesham announced last month that Disect Systems, the first ICT start-up in the IM Incubator, had successfully moved out of the Incubator program and into the newly refurbished Ross building as a paying tenant of Innovation Martlesham at Adastral Park.  Disect graduating from the incubator means that accommodation and resource is now available for new ICT start-ups wanting to enter the program.

“The IM Incubator provides the ideal environment for ICT start-ups to develop their business,” said Innovation Martlesham Chairman, David Ralph.  “IM Incubator companies, who are accepted into the program, are given free accommodation and communication services with the added benefit of access to a group of mentors who can help them develop into a successful and sustaining business.  We are offering the opportunity to be part of a collaborative, high-tech cluster environment, co-located with some of the world’s leading ICT companies.”

Innovation Martlesham is supporting start-up companies in an attempt to grow the economic prosperity of Suffolk.  The ICT Incubator does not take any financial stake or interest in the start-up companies.  The objective is to help start-ups become self-sustaining and successful companies.

ICT start-up companies interested in applying to join the IM Incubator should contact Graham Reid at

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