IM Company – Zog Energy – Topped The Table For 4th Time Running – 96% Rating It ‘Great’ In The 21st November 2017 Poll

February 5, 2018

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How do you find out how great a company is ? You ask the customers of course. The Money Saving Expert website ran its annual customer poll to find out how the energy companies fared, according to their customers. For the fourth year running, IM Company, Zog Energy came out on top for customers service. In fact, Zog Energy was rated “Great” by 96% of respondents. It’s not unusual for a new entrant into the market to get good customer feedback. After all, the chickens usually come home to roost once a company has a few customers, and their demands start to get a little more varied and complicated. Zog Energy is unusual because it has maintained customer satisfaction in a business sector which does not enjoy great customer satisfaction. How do they do it ?


Firstly, Zog has taken great care to chose the right people to work with them and trains them to do the job well. Everyone is part of a tightly knit team who all work hard to keep the customers happy. Zog is an internet based company which sells gas online. A lot of effort has been put into developing software systems which do exactly what is required so that the customer should have as little reason as possible to need help from customer service. The company’s policy is that “the best service is no service”. This may sound a bit odd, but what it means is that if you get it right first time, the customer should not need to ask you to do anything. In reality however, there is always something nobody thought of. In that case, nobody hides behind a computer. A Zog computer does not say “No”. Staff are encouraged to be flexible and find a way to solve a customer’s issue. Everyone is there to help. 


In addition there are the key performance targets. Customers are not left on hold for a long time and most emails are replied to on the same day. This all sounds so simple, but to achieve these goals over a period of years takes a lot of effort and focusing people on the right goals. There may have been a few fist pumps when the news came through but pretty soon everyone was back to work on getting next year’s results to be just as good, and maybe even better ?”





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