IM company secures deal with NHS

July 11, 2014


Since May 2011, FJ McManus Ltd has worked on using a database to store key information used by the Business Intelligence departments in NHS organisations. This information is stored in code form and includes codes for GP Practices, consultants, diseases, postal addresses, etc. FJ McManus Ltd update the database every week and the users of the database download a new copy and replace the one they were using the previous week.

Filipe McManus, the founder of FJ McManus Ltd, said  “I’m very pleased to announce that NHS England has agreed to a nationwide deal for us to supply our software to all NHS commissioning organisations in England (e.g. CSUs, CCGs, LATs, etc). This has increased efficiency across these organisations and has also resulted in more up to date and richer data. Most importantly, the commissioning organisations  are all now on one version of the truth”.


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