IM company launches new ‘Local IT expert’ product

September 25, 2014

Lxpert logo


A local entrepreneur, Kennedy Cheng, has just launched his online business called Lxpert.

Lxpert (pronounced ˈlɛkspəːt) stands for Local Expert. It is a revolutionary online service that puts IT specialists in contact with people who need their expertise. “It’s like or Airbnb, but for IT” – says Kennedy Cheng – the business CEO and founder.

The idea behind this new venture was to create an online marketplace where people could find reputable local IT experts to help with IT or technology-related problems.

This type of online ‘matching up’ has proved to be very successful in other markets and Kennedy felt it should be introduced to the IT sector.

Technology is useless unless it enhances peoples’ lives. Technological development is moving at an ever faster pace and becoming ever more complex. That can mean a growing gap between our appreciation of what the technology can do for us, and our understanding of how it works. The aim of Lxpert is to ensure that lack of technical knowledge doesn’t impact on the user experience.” states the founder in his mission statement.

Kennedy is currently looking to recruit new IT experts and grow his business. Experts joining his community get an opportunity to find customers and earn additional income while working flexibly and without having to invest in expensive advertising. A range of smart business tools available via the online platform makes it easy to manage workflow, contacts and appointments, raise invoices and more.

If you would like to join Kennedy’s new business adventure as an expert please contact him at or visit his website




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