IM company GB Group (GBG) continues their success with the acquisitions of DecTech Solutions and Transactis

November 27, 2014

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GBG combines individual identity data with technology to provide their clients with the Identity Intelligence needed to make business decisions based on trust. To build on the continuing success GBG has had in the area of Identity Intelligence, acquisition was vital to their business strategy. The acquisitions of DecTech and Transactis this year extended GBG’s capability and geographic reach and also enables them to further address the growing requirements for highly customisable electronic identity verification and fraud detection services.

Based in Australia, DecTech are a leading fraud detection and risk management organisation. This acquisition enhanced GBG’s ability to prevent fraud by not only verifying identity during customer on-boarding, but also preventing transactional fraud with intricate algorithms and software designed to detect fraudulent behaviour before losses are incurred. Transactis is a Liverpool–based anti-fraud and marketing services organisation. This now enables GBG to access new and comprehensive datasets including information on 40m UK citizens’ shopping behaviours.

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