IM at BT’s ‘Innovation 2015’

October 5, 2015

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Members of the Innovation Martlesham cluster were very pleased to be invited by BT to be part of their exclusive ‘Innovation 2015’ Event, held at Adastral Park, home of BTs global research headquarters and Innovation Martlesham.  The Event lifted the covers off BT’s innovation and vision for how technology will develop over the next ten years.

BT has been particularly interested in the innovation being developed by 5 of our IM Companies: Glazealarm, OXEMS, Silicon Safe, ADVA Optical Networking and Livepad41 and a special invitation to these IM Companies was made for them to be included in the Event itself.

Solutions from both Glazealarm and OXEMS were used in the Showcases where BT demonstrates new technologies to over 200 external customers every year.

Silicon Safe presented their technology to 2000 BT people as well as 400 external customers, analysts, members of the press and VIPs contributing to the Securing Tomorrow’s World at the Event.

ADVA Optical Networking has been working closely with BT in three key areas which form an integral part of the BT Networks Hub demonstration: providing the core optical network components that allow the direction of individual wavelengths through the network, helping demonstrate radical cost reductions in future Ethernet transport via G.Metro technology and working with BT and Toshiba to provide the Quantum Key Distribution demonstration.  During ‘Innovation 2015’ BT, Adva Optical Networking and Toshiba demonstrated a World First – QKD of 100Gb/s over 100km.

Livepad41, a real-time audience engagement, data visualisation and analysis tool, assisted BT during the Event collecting valuable information from visitors about their thoughts about BT’s innovation capabilities throughout the 4 days and helping provide insightful analysis into the feedback from all the visitors.

Visitors to the exhibition also included BT internal colleagues, external customers, Press and Analysts.  They were immersed in a range of spectacular demonstrations, presentation and exhibition stands, hosted by BT’s award-winning technologists, scientists and innovators.  Key innovation topics were discussed such as Internet of Things, Future networks, securing tomorrow’s world, the future of voice, big data, seamless customer experience and the latest TV technology.



















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