How Diverse Teams Foster New Products, Services And Markets

August 23, 2017


There is a compelling and emotive business case that innovation comes as a result of true diversity in the workplace. This inaugural conference seeks to inspire and empower the future global technology workforce in an era of phenomenal change. With rapid-pace advances in technology, businesses have no option but to invest in innovation, recruit and retain skilled talent, and strive for customer excellence. Those that leverage a diverse workforce are clearly more attractive to employees and customers than those who conform to outdated ‘mission and values’.  There is no denying the tech industry needs to transform, not just change, and we are thrilled to showcase companies that are doing this on a daily basis.

Join us for some stimulating and fast-paced TEDx style talks where a diverse selection of elite industry experts will share their insights on the area of diversity and inclusion, and how it can open up your business to new products, services and markets in the future world of work. Speakers include: Google, ARM. Telefonica, Citrix, SheCanCode…..


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