Google Event a big hit at Adastral Park

June 2, 2015


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Innovation Martlesham (IM) Company Coderus co-hosted with IM, the first Google I/O Extended 2015 event at Adastral Park, one of only nine events in the UK, on Thursday 28 May 2015. The event was sponsored by BT and the IP-Network.

The I/O Extended 2015 event streamed the Google Keynote speeches live from San Francisco to the John Bray Lecture Theatre at Adastral Park.  Over 130 attendees enjoyed watching the video stream, networking session, live demos of Google technology and an open forum discussion with specially selected panellists: Mark Thomas (CEO Coderus), Iain Monteath (Technology Scouting BT), Jonathan Mitchener (InnovateUK) and Matthew Keable (SimpleClick).

The feedback from the attendees was very good and many said it was just like being in the conference centre in San Francisco.  The panel and audience discussions after the video stream covered many topics, in particular, how the region can attract and keep Google type skills when the pull of London and Cambridge is significant.

Mark Thomas, CEO Coderus said:- “I would to thank everyone who attended our first Google I/O extended event at Adastral Park, last Thursday – our first public event in fact.  We enjoyed meeting everyone and demonstrating some of the Google Technologies.  We were pleased to receive many positive comments and our thanks also go to the various teams that helped make it all possible.  We hope to run similar events again in the future”.

As attendees left after three and a half hours they were all given a gift from Google and if you want to know what the Google gift was – come along to the next Innovation Martlesham Breakfast Speaker Event on 16 June when we’ll tell you what it was !

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