GlazeAlarm joins the IM Cluster

December 16, 2014


GlazeAlarm is an innovation company producing a wireless security solution and home automation suite for residential and commercial application.  The core product is a wireless-enabled sensor which is built into a double or triple-glazed unit at the point of manufacture. Via patented* technology, the sensor alerts users to a breakage via a hand-held control unit, smart phone, tablet or PC.

The system gives home and business owners peace of mind that their property is safe and secure.  In the event of a breakage, a local alarm with be triggered immediately and the user will be notified remotely via smartphone or tablet.

Ian Branagan, CEO, said: “The GlazeAlarm is a revolutionary new product which underpins our commitment to innovation within the glazing and security industries.  We are very happy to be housed within the ‘cluster’ at Innovation Martlesham and recognise the benefits of being part of this ‘collaborative ecosystem’ of innovative technology companies.”

The GlazeAlarm is the most robust and tamper-proof glass-break security solution available today. It has applications for use in both residential and commercial sectors, allowing users to manage the safety and security of their premises remotely.  The product also has applications in sustainability as it will report on the integrity and efficiency of the glazed unit.

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*patents pending

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