DNA Health Analytics Company Muhdo Announces Move To Innovation Martlesham

October 9, 2018

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Muhdo health Ltd moves to Innovation Martlesham, Adastral Park to join the vibrant community of world leading innovative companies.

Muhdo Health brings advanced DNA Profiling and world leading epigenetic tracking to corporate and customer health programmes. Providing hyper personalised health advice Muhdo’s mission is to inspire, support and help us all to live healthier, happier, longer lives.

Previously restricted to use by athletes and sports professionals, Muhdo’s DNA analysis uses epigenetics techniques to allow individuals to gain insight into their own gene functions and so modify their exercise and diet activities in line with the specific requirements of their own body programming.  Muhdo’s emergence represents a watershed moment in customer and corporate health as they bring advanced but affordable genetics analytics to everyone.

Nathan Berkley, Muhdo Health CEO commented…

“We believe the world is a better place when everyone can get access to information that improves their wellbeing. Far too many people are spending far too much time on diets, workouts and health plans with nothing to show for it. And as mental health and stress in the workplace effect our productivity Muhdo is dedicated to bringing efficient and sustainable health program to mass audiences.”

Nicky Daniels, Head, Innovation Martlesham added…

“Muhdo Health is well cast to join the ecosystem at Adastral Park, we are a community of fast growing, highly innovative, agile companies who thrive on collaboration and the energy of Innovation Martlesham. Muhdo’s expertise in advanced genetics, health, corporate well-being and productivity is a perfect fit for us.”

About Muhdo


Muhdo is a next generation health, fitness and well-being ecosystem. Muhdo technology combines DNA, fitness and environmental data, for an all round health analysis. The system provides individuals with the missing information and tools they require to start improving health and seeing results — and it’s all delivered on a unique, trailblazing technology platform.

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