Cortexica Joins The Cluster

October 16, 2018

cortexia med


Joining the IM cluster, is Cortexica, a leading provider of AI, machine learning and computer vision products and solutions, for real-time image and video analysis.

Starting life from the Bio-engineering Department at Imperial College London, Cortexica originated from a research project to reverse-engineer the human visual cortex, and now has its own team of PhD researchers and engineers that form the back bone of its AI video centre of excellence.

“We specialise in delivering real world solutions to a wide range of industries including health and safety, manufacturing, security and retail, be it on edge devices, IoT or across the cloud. Our solutions can be tailored to meet each client’s requirements, and our agile and deep technical expertise in application delivery means companies get the solutions they need.

Cortexica deliver innovative products and solutions to help organisations exceed their business goals with a tangible ROI. We are proud to be independent and will deliver solutions using the right partner, such as Cisco, Accenture, Axis, AAEON, Intel and Nvidia.

Our Research and Innovation teams work with some of the top global academic institutes to deliver ground-breaking methods to solve some of the most complex problems.  We are constantly driving this research into our products and solutions so that our clients can benefit before any one else”.

Innovation Martlesham is delighted they have joined us.


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