Coderus Expands Team at Adastral Park

July 30, 2013
The Coderus Team

The Coderus team, L-R: Chris Hardcastle, Troy Rijkaard, Robin Hardcastle, Edward Woodley, James Warner and Managing Director Mark Thomas.

IM cluster company Coderus has experienced rapid growth in the last year, with the number of employees more than tripling. This rapid expansion necessitated a move to one of the larger offices in the Ross Building within the IM cluster at Adastral Park. The company has undergone a re-brand and updated their website which better reflects their current business, technological capabilities and innovative approach.

Coderus is a dynamic software design and development business, currently focusing on mobile and desktop applications for consumer devices.  Founded in 1998 by Mark Thomas, his passion and dedication for delivering only the very best solutions has resulted in a steady growth provided by a diverse range of clients.  Recently, the developing relationship with Bowers & Wilkins has resulted in the need to focus resources in this direction to support their growing wireless ‘Airplay’ product ambitions. So, in addition to providing all of Bowers & Wilkins  iPad/iPhone and Mac/PC applications, Coderus provide a data server application, embedded firmware support and other consumer device consultancy.

Mark Thomas, Managing Director of Coderus said “I’m pleased to see the company ‘coming of age,’ so to speak. This would have been much more difficult, if not impossible, without the support of IM and other co-located and complementary businesses.  As a result, we have some talented people and a direction in which to take the business. I’m pleased that the expansion has been possible within the Adastral campus, so we can continue to take advantage of the great facilities, wonderful atmosphere and the high-tech image the campus provides”.

For more information about Coderus,  click here.

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