Coderus collaborates with app builders of the future

February 6, 2015

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Four students from a school in Essex, accompanied by their teachers, have recently been to Adastral Park to meet with the app software development experts at Coderus.

At the end of last year, the students from Ramsden Hall School in Langham won a Dragons’ Den style competition, held at the Emirates stadium in London, to come up with an idea that would help children who are being bullied. They designed a mobile app for children to use to anonymously report if they are being bullied, or if they spot someone else being bullied, and they are now hopeful that, working together with Coderus, they can see their dream of helping others become a reality.

Explaining how they came up with the idea, they said that it can sometimes be scary going to see a teacher face to face when you’re being bullied as someone might see you, making the situation even worse. One of the student team, Ray, summed up by saying: “Kids are always on their phone and tablet and, by using this app, reporting bullying is something they can do anonymously.”

The students met with Coderus to discuss their ideas and talk about how they envisage the app working. They have also given careful consideration to how the app can be used by all students and spoke about options for those with dyslexia and those who are colour blind, as well as building in options for different languages. They have also come up with ideas for students to customise their app using themes and stickers.

Commenting on the project, Coderus MD, Mark Thomas, said: “We’re really pleased to be working with the student team at Ramsden Hall School and are looking forward to helping to inspire this new generation of developers in the process. We’ll be working to keep the fundamentals of the students’ plans in place, bringing an app to life that is, essentially, designed by kids, for kids.”

The team at Coderus is now looking into next steps with the students, so they can begin the process of building it. Watch this space!




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