Chronicle Digital Storytelling Announces Launch of Smartphone Storytelling App

April 27, 2017


Chronicle Digital Storytelling, an early-stage business based at Adastral Park and the Innovation Martlesham Cluster, is pleased to announce the launch of a digital walking trail for Felixstowe.

Available via its smartphone app, the Felixstowe trail enables people to enjoy nostalgic local reminiscences in the form of short 2-4 minute video stories collected from people with a connection to the area. The videos combine an audio narrative with relevant imagery. Content for the tour was developed as part of the Felixstowe Seafront Gardens Project (funded jointed by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Suffolk Coastal District Council).

Chronicle believes the trail is one of the first of its kind in the UK. John Royle, Founder of Chronicle said “The trail is built upon our Chronicle platform with content collected directly from the community itself. We believe the best way to express the essence of a place is through the stories of people connected to it, and our app is another way for people to enjoy these stories. The walking trail encourages people to venture outside to listen to the stories that are linked to the local area.”

Initially available for later model iOS devices (Android coming soon), the app has two modes; an ‘explore’ mode where people can seek out hidden stories as part of a ‘digital walking trail’ of stories as well as a ‘browse’ mode where people can enjoy a selection of stories irrespective of their location. The app uses the latest iBeacon technology and Chronicle’s digital trails platform. The first digital walking tour has been released for Felixstowe. Over time, Chronicle hopes to add more story trails from other places – the next stop is South Norfolk.

Not only is the app a great way for people to enjoy the local area, but in capturing stories Chronicle aims to support health and well-being in older people by reducing isolation and loneliness.

Chronicle uses technology to help build community, supporting place-making and tourism. As part of this Chronicle also helps to support nearby businesses by providing the opportunity for local promotions. “We are very much content first.” said John, “This isn’t about a retailer pinging vouchers at people, it’s about providing interesting and relevant content that people will enjoy.”

For people without compatible smartphones Chronicle is also providing access to the content from a kiosk in the local library. “We really want everyone to enjoy this content.” said John.

The app builds upon Chronicle’s growing range of digital storytelling products and services.

Alan Jones of Nerostorm who helped develop the app said, “It’s been an exciting time working with Chronicle; providing the technology behind their digital storytelling app and implementing such an innovative use of iBeacon technology.”

For more information on the project, please contact John Royle from Chronicle ( or 07752 191710 and visit the website:


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