byAbi Is Welcomed Into The Innovation Martlesham Ecosystem

November 4, 2020


byAbi is delighted to be part of Innovation Martlesham.

Abi is a freelance visual experience designer, with over 20 years industry experience.  Working closely with clients to produce branding, graphics, website design and build, with a strong slant on increasing the performance of their business through the work Abi carries out. Abi also contracts with some fantastic agencies as a UX and print designer.

Further to this Abi work with corporations as a UX Designer & Consultant. Facilitating design workshops, embedding user experience principles, prototyping concepts and creating user interfaces for digital products.

With an education in branding and graphic design, learning to build the web as the web started to be built (cutting my teeth on oil company intranets in 1995). Designing and building websites across the world including places such as Ecuador and Costa Rica, running her own agency and design teams in other agencies; Abi’s experience is broad bringing a professional, organised, well thought out creative strategy to every project.

Why the move to freelance? Abi missed rolling up my sleeves and getting creative.

The balance of small business design with corporate user experience and service design gives Abi an end to end approach to the work Abi carries out. Giving Abi access to user testing, focus groups, research findings and UX practices from large projects to inform my small entrepreneurial clients who at their stage cannot afford or do not have the traffic for UX processes. On the flip side often gaining insight and empathy with the pain points of corporate end customers.

Abi’s experience of disciplines within the design and technology industry, enables her to work seamlessly across teams; carrying out pitches with sales teams, workshops and training with stakeholders, specifications and scheduling with project managers, design and development team integration and  translation of research findings to embed into UX and UI processes.

byAbi brings together a rich mix of designers, artists, copy writers, photographers researchers, developers and marketeers to build a strong team for any design led project.

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