BT Welcomes The Next Generation

October 19, 2017


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BT welcomed 107 new graduate recruits for an induction week to its research and development headquarters at Adastral Park, Martlesham Heath, and 63 of those graduates will continue their careers at the BT Labs in Suffolk.


The new graduates took part in a week long induction at the park to give them an introduction and insights into their new roles within the company.


Managing Director Professor Tim Whitley said: “Adastral Park is the home of BT’s research and development. Technologies developed here now underpin many of the ways we communicate, transmit data and interact with each other every day.


“I’m delighted to welcome the 2017 intake of graduates. These are exciting times for BT and it is fabulous to see so many high calibre young people joining the company to drive us forward. And it is especially pleasing that so many will join us in Suffolk at our R&D Headquarters.”


Graduate recruit Jenny Wilson said, “I chose BT because I wanted to be a part of this massive telecommunications company that is continuously updating itself and being used by all generations every day. I’m looking forward to expanding my technical knowledge during the course of this graduate programme, whilst also gaining managerial skills.”


Networks engineer graduate, Karam Alshaltan, said, “I joined the company because BT is working in cutting edge technology which gives me the opportunity to work in the core of networking technology.”


Eva Militerova, BT’s Graduate Programme Manager said, “Our new intake of graduates joined in September and I was extremely excited to meet them all. The induction focused on giving them a good understanding of how BT works and also an opportunity for them to meet each other and network. They are currently settling in and learning more about their roles.”




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