BSI Standards and Kitemarking Services By IM Company, Applied Risk Management

December 14, 2018

 applied risk mgt

At the Innovation Martlesham tech-cluster we have many businesses that are at the leading edge of design and innovation. Influencers, such as these, need to specify and communicate what they do so others may follow or inter-work with them. Technical standards are used to facilitate global trade and allow businesses and organisations to collaborate for the common-good.

An ISO certified business or BSI Kitemarked product speaks volumes about the organisation or the product’s safety or security. These credentials are market differentiators which are sought by the more discerning customers and buyers.

In support of Innovation Martlesham businesses and their associates, Applied Risk Management Ltd now has the ability to assist UK businesses in the following ways:-

  • Implementing appropriate management systems and gaining ISO certification
  • Discount on any British Standards or ISO Standards documents in PDF or hardcopy formats
  • Testing and kitemarking of your products, for safety, security, etc
  • Defining and publishing a new British Standard or International Standard.


Although independent and impartial, Applied Risk Management Ltd has a close working relationship with the British Standards Institute (BSI). BSI is a charity by Royal Charter. As such, Applied Risk Management Ltd can work with you and BSI to jointly achieve your objectives. BSI is interested in working with industries ‘in the real world’ to ensure future standards are appropriate, beneficial and not bureaucratic.

For more information about buying, writing or testing to British or international standards, or gaining relevant accreditations for your business or products, click here.



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