BBC Radio Suffolk was ‘live’ from Adastral Park 30th April

April 30, 2015

Innovation Martlesham (IM) was delighted to be part of Etholle George’s BBC Radio Suffolk’s Breakfast Show on Thursday 30th April.  The Show was broadcast ‘live’ from Adastral Park – BT’s Global Research and Development Headquarters and home to IM.

Talking with Etholle was Ian Buxton (Chair of IM) about the role Innovation Martlesham has in growing an Eco-system, Neil Miles (CEO Smart421 and Chair of the IP Network) about growing ICT in Suffolk  and BT’s Kevin Woollard (Director Research Engagement and Operations), regarding BT’s innovations and the company’s importance and influence in the economic growth of the East of England.

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(Etholle is pictured, left to right, with Kevin Woollard, Ian Buxton and Neil Miles)

Etholle also interviewed from Innovation Martlesham. Mark Thomas (CEO of Coderus), Dr Steve Barnes (Takeaway Taxi), Mike Ward (Marcoms Manager, Wheatley), Kevin Gooding (Vice President Operations, OXEMS) and Andy Rayner (VP of Engineering, Nevion).

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(Pictured with Etholle are left to right, Mike Ward, Mark Thomas, Steve Barnes)

Coderus has grown steadily in the past 18 months as sole supplier of mobile and embedded software solutions for prestige audio specialist, Bowers and Wilkins. Expansion is set to continue with some exiting new projects for them this year as well as a strong possibility of new business resulting from major PR and marketing initiatives. As an example, Coderus are partnering with a number of the major embedded chipset suppliers, including Microchip, where they have been fortunate to have achieved ‘App developer specialist’ status for Europe, in recognition of their special expertise in Apple accessory developments.

In addition, they have been exploring consumer mobile application opportunities, and have started to develop an anti-bullying application for a local school, based on their award winning concept, expected to be taken up nationwide. It was featured on BBC Look East last month.

Coderus in conjunction with IM are planning to host a Google I/O extended event on site, 28th May, more details to be shared in due course.

OXEMS, a spin-out of the University of Oxford, has developed a revolutionary underground asset management system to help Utility Companys locate, identify and manage their buried assets including plastic pipes which are notoriously difficult to find once buried.

The OXEMS System is made up of three parts; tags attached to key points on the assets, a detector deploying advanced RF technology integrated with the latest GPS and 3G communications capabilities, and an intelligent database designed to link seamlessly with utilities existing systems.

The Founder of Takeaway Taxi has extensive knowledge of and experience of the retail food industry. After selling his Ipswich restaurant he spotted a market opportunity to deliver food from outlets that have no delivery service such as KFC, Burger King, Subway.etc. The service which was recently launched in Ipswich offers a customer the ability to order food from several outlets which is then delivered to the customer via a taxi service. The current business processes work fine, but are manpower intensive as it requires an operator to take the order and they work out the nearest taxi to the food out and final customer, based on GPS information. The company is now developing technology to make the platform ‘hands free‘, thereby reducing costs and making the service quicker and more efficient.

Local company, Wheatley, are looking to diversify into a new sector for them. They picked up on the Innovation Martlesham competition and saw the linkages between the sector they wanted to move into and the competition. After a professional submission and presentation they were selected as winners of the first IM competition, to win support to develop their idea through to a prototype by October 2015. They will work closely with SCC, BT and UCS, supported by IM including the mentor group.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to tell people what we are doing, because in retail, if you are not known, you are not going to survive,” said Steve Barnes.

Nevion is headquartered in Norway and employs 180 people worldwide, 18 of which are based in the UK.  Nevion’s UK development centre is based at Adastral Park – focussing on IP networking technology for broadcast media transport.  The team were proud to recently win an engineering Emmy for their contribution to work on broadcast video compression.

Andy Rayner said: “it was great to be able to share this morning some of the benefits of being part of the overall Adastral Park technology team – working alongside customers and partners”.

Andy Skingley, BT’s Director, IP & Mobility, showed Etholle around BT’s key Network Management Centre. The people in the building provide 24hr a day monitoring of BT’s networks enabling them to proactively detect issues in the network and repair them as quickly as possible.  From here the UK Broadband network is managed with nearly 10 million broadband customers benefiting from the services being monitored and managed.  In addition to broadband, BT’s Internet network, WiFi and UK and global networks are also managed here. The business networks support small businesses through to large multi-national customers.  The services supported on these networks range from ATM machines, supermarket tills, all of the six million WiFi access points, air traffic control and a whole raft of other critical services which enable UK.

Etholle was also given a tour of the BT Showcase and Customer Centre by BT’s Steve Kempt, Head of Customer Loyalty and Rob Mayhew, Adastral Park Showcase Manager which hosts around 3000 key business customers each year. This represents a significant part of BT’s customer contact programme for new wave business.

Pictured below, Rob introduces Etholle to Harry, the NAO robot. Harry is a 58-cm tall humanoid robot. He is small, cute and round. You can’t help but love him! NAO is intended to be a friendly companion around the house as he moves, recognises you, hears you and even talks to you !


And below Rob demonstrates visible light communications, by sending the phrase ‘Welcome to BBC Suffolk’ from a PC, over the visible light from an LED, to a smart phone.

light app

Here, Steve explains some of the work BT is undertaking in relation to the Internet of Things, discussing the use of sensors in recycling bins and car parks.


Etholle also learnt about community and employee engagement at Adastral Park. She chatted to Andy Clarke, station officer for the site fire team, and Simon Chalklen, station officer for the ambulance crew, to hear all about the Adastral Park Emergency Services and the work they do, not only on the site but in the local community.


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