BBC Invites IM Chairman To Discuss STEM

February 15, 2016

Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects at school are very much at the forefront of the UK economy and Innovation Martlesham Chairman, Ian Buxton, was asked to give his views about STEM on the BBC Radio Suffolk Breakfast show on Monday the 15th Feb. He was also joined by BT’s James Woollard who has recently completed a BT apprenticeship. The show can still be heard on BBC catch-up.

Ian said that STEM was very important to the economic growth of the region as it will inspire school leavers to perhaps start their own company and begin to make things and not just use things. This would then lead to the creation of jobs and stimulate the economy. He also mentioned that a comprehensive report TechNation2016 was published last week that supported our view that jobs in Digital Tech were not only interesting, but relatively highly paid and that many traditionally non tech sectors such as insurance were becoming more and more dependent upon needing digital skills.

James was asked how he ended up as an apprentice with BT and how STEM was an influence on his decision. He explained that like many other sixth form leavers he spent a gap year trying different things and eventually decided on a career with BT which has turned out to be a very good decision. He encouraged all the listeners to have a good look at STEM subjects as the career opportunities in this region suited those subjects very well.

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