Applied Risk Management Ltd Is Responding To Demand

November 19, 2018


Since joining Innovation Martlesham as a Business Club member in March 2015, Applied Risk Management Ltd has gone from strength to strength, largely in response to growing demand from within the IM community. So much so that Applied Risk Management has upgraded from the Business Club and now taken an office in Columba House – Room NG-06.

With five IM companies now sporting ISO certifications based on advice and support from Applied Risk Management and another six making progress towards one or more certifications there is growing demand.

Those IM companies say they are seeing real benefits from the improved process control and staff training brought about by implementing the ISO management system(s). The idea of ISO management systems is that they bring better control, reduced cost of poor quality such that the management system pays for itself over time. Another benefit, and the main motivator for some organisations, is that regular independent ISO audits demonstrated by ISO certification is respected by customers globally so it helps win business. Some large organisations refuse to do business with suppliers who are not ISO certified. So Applied Risk Management helps IM companies gain and maintain their ISO certifications which enables them to do business with them.

As an added benefit to the IM community, Andy Mills (Founder of Applied Risk Management Ltd) is one of the IM Mentors. Having had a long and successful technical and managerial career with BT, Concert Communications, Infinity SDC Ltd, BSI and IMS International and now the owner of Applied Risk Management Ltd Andy has a wealth of real-world experience in large enterprises and start-up businesses.

Applied Risk Management has strategic partnerships with other ISO consultants and auditors so able to take on any size of consultancy project.

It typically takes about six months for an organisation to gain an ISO certification. The approach recommended by Applied Risk Management Ltd is to analyse what the organisation does and divide it into Governance Processes and Operations Processes. A process can normally be defined as a flowchart with a paragraph of supporting explanatory text. This approach means it is not unduly bureaucratic, there is just enough documentation to define what needs to be done to demonstrate clarity of process and control. These days ISO management systems are not bureaucratic and restrictive – they give your organisation solid foundations to support rapid growth and scalability. It is sensible and easier for a start-up to define its processes based ISO systems from the outset – ISO is not just for large organisations.


Services offered by Applied Risk Management Ltd:

  • ISO standards and auditor training
  • ISO consultancy (to get ready for ISO certification)
  • ISO auditing
  • GDPR consultancy and management system
  • Process and governance consultancy
  • Legislation updates service
  • IM Mentor
  • BSI Associate Consultant (Platinum Member 436)
  • Auditor competence assessor and certification & audit report reviews for IMS International/NQA

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Mobile: 07773 402952



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