ANGOKA Announced As One Of Zenzic CAM Scale-Up Programme Winners

December 9, 2020


ANGOKA are pleased to announce that they’ve been selected as one of five winners of the Zenzic CAM (Connected and Automated Mobility) Scale-Up Programme.

The programme, which is supported by the Centre of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and delivered in partnership with Plug and Play, aims to give SMEs and start-ups the support needed to test their autonomous vehicle technologies. In addition to the opportunity to test and validate our solutions in the avrious CAM Testbed UK facilities, the programme also grants each winner a share of a £500,000 award.

Yuri Andersson, CEO of ANGOKA, noted, “It is very gratifying that ANGOKA has once again been recognised as outstanding innovators and that Plug and Play and Zenzic have recognised our potential. We are looking further to continue the development of our solutions, validating them using CAM’s excellent test bed facilities.”

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