2016/17….. Take it Away, Takeway Taxi !

May 3, 2016

TT 200

IM Company, Takeaway Taxi, who developed a website and a commission-based relationship with many restaurants in Ipswich, has enjoyed success over the past twelve months, growing in terms of turnover, staff and reputation.

Information from customers placing orders on the website is directed to drivers automatically, via a combination of bespoke software and web-based mapping, to arrive at a solution that requires little or no intervention from managers or drivers. During the last 12 months, Milon Miah, CEO and Founder has successfully developed and piloted a proof of concept in Ipswich that he hopes could be extended into delivering pharmaceuticals from chemists, groceries from smaller shops, and many other commodity delivery services.

Milon says: “Since joining the Innovation Martlesham (IM) cluster in 2014 I have been given invaluable support in many areas which has enabled me to move away from making decisions based on my emotions.  Now, I feel more equipped to make clear, conscious and informed business decisions.  This fresh outlook has seen my whole team be more productive and supportive to the growth of the company, which has enabled me to better award the hard work and commitment shown”.

Forward planning is something at Milon is now very confident and excited by.  He is looking to expand in to the rest of Suffolk, Essex and Cambridge in the medium term and London in the long term.



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