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eGain Corporation Joins Innovation Martlesham
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Background to Innovation Martlesham

Innovation Martlesham is a joint initiative supported by BT, Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Coastal District Council.

The vision for Innovation Martlesham is as follows;

  • The provision of flexible innovation space for high-tech ICT related knowledge-based enterprises
  • Linked to Adastral Park to create the largest concentration of ICT related R&D companies in the UK and develop a national and international identity
  • An open ‘campus’ feel environment with Higher Education Institutes research presence to encourage and stimulate knowledge transfer and innovation
  • Provision of added value services such as meeting / conference rooms, state of the art ICT connectivity, office services, innovation / knowledge transfer services, seminars and park management to stimulate commercialisation of R&D and growth
  • Occupiers have access to BT’s Hub, visitor centre and meeting / seminar rooms

History of Martlesham

Martlesham has a long history at the cutting edge of innovation. Before the First World War it was a small rural village but in 1916 a Royal Flying Corps aerodrome was established which, after the armistice, became the main RAF experimental airfield where prototypes of aircraft were tested.

It reverted to an operational station during the Second World War and numerous Fighter Aces were stationed here at some time. From 1942 the airfield was used by the U.S.A.F but was decommissioned in 1965 when the Post Office built a Research Laboratory on the site. This forms the basis for BT’s Adastral Park development.

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