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Companies Looking for Investment

ZOG Energy

Zog Energy is a UK domestic energy supplier which currently supplies gas only. Zog targets those customers wanting to switch to a cheaper gas supplier. This has successfully grown a profitable  company from zero to over 8,500 customers in four years. To grow further the company needs to also supply electricity so that it can attract the 90% of switching customers who only want a dual fuel supplier. Zog currently operates the most successful customer experience in the domestic fuels industry and is confident that this experience can be extended to include electricity. Investment of £750k is needed to develop the software interfaces into the electricity supply systems, increase staff numbers to maintain the existing successful customer experience for a larger customer base and to support marketing.

Pitch Extension

Despite targeting only the 3% of switchers interested in gas supply only, Zog Energy has been a profitable company over all four years of its existence. The company has gained its customer base by offering cheap gas, simple tariffs and the best customer experience in the industry. Zog has done this by intelligent use of IT and focusing staff on customer support. A rigorous monitoring of cash flow has ensured that the company has not strayed from profitability.

Further growth requires that Zog gets into the domestic electricity market. An electricity licence has been obtained. Zog’s existing software systems now need to be linked into the electricity supply systems and additional staff are needed to provide customer support functions. The company has been consistently rated as having the best customer experience in the energy supply industry by its   customers. Offering a cheap product is not viewed as an excuse for providing a poor customer experience. Additional funding will ensure the customer experience keeps pace with growth.

The comparison site Energy Helpline states that gas only switches account for around 3% of total switches made. The supply of electricity in addition to gas vastly increases the target market for Zog Energy which will increase its market share and profits.


Tethered Drone System

A tethered and autonomous drone that powers continuous flight up to 120m using high voltages, providing telemetry up and secure HD video and high bandwidth data streaming down the tether.  This Drone can fly for 24 hours or more providing a platform for multiple applications.   With interchangeable multifunctional payload ‘pods’ to meet any operational requirements including; CCTV camera with thermal imaging and Infra-red, mobile phone or radio antennas, various sensors, or broadcast quality cameras.

Market Worldwide drone sales for commercial use are set to reach £6bn and tethered drones £1.6bn by 2020.  TDS will initially target the UK market but will quickly enter the world market with international interest already received.   The price point is circa £60k per platform with forecast sales of circa 100 per annum worldwide by 2020.


Already a flying prototype and CAA licensed, R&D with academic partners and collaboration opportunities with established MOD suppliers.   Commercialisation and product launch at Farnborough Air Show in July 2018.


None manufactured in the UK.  Others, Israel, France and USA have flight ceiling limitations 50 to max 100m due to the tether and power constraints.  All are more expensive, on average over $100k and being built primarily for the military or law enforcement markets.

Funding Requirement & Growth Strategy

Seeking £300k, c.£85k already invested under SEIS (from British Robotics Seed Fund) with a further £65k available under that scheme, and £150k under EIS.  Targeted client sales plus a lease / rental revenue model.

Exit Strategy

Given the attractive range of applications available, there could be opportunities within a 3-5-year window to sell a commercially mature tethered drone platform business to a large player in the security hardware or autonomous systems markets.


Dotmatix has developed an effective system of monitoring and controlling fermentation for both craft and home brewers.

The system allows remote real time display of present gravity (or alcohol content) on a smartphone or tablet together with the display and control of fermentation temperature.

The benefits to brewers are to reduce the need for multiple manual readings per day (and especially at weekends) and to provide rapid feedback in the event that there is a problem with the brew.

The measurements are made without contact with the fermenting beer, so there are no sterility issues.

Detailed fermentation diaries generated by the system in real time help to ensure consistency, spot problems and identify the impact of process changes.  Optionally, the brewer can record manual readings such as pH and other useful notes.

The commercial system has been trialled in a craft brewery for over 12 months, and is installed in a demonstration brewery at East Anglia’s largest maltster.  This product is ready for commercial launch.

The home brew product is at prototype stage.

Dotmatix are looking to raise £150,000 SEIS investment to build the team and complete development of the home brew product.



ZOA Robotics 

ZOA Robotics is pioneering the development of a low-cost robotics platform, enabling the automation of power, telecoms & industrial plant inspections, using highly mobile four-legged robots.

Inspections are labour intensive but difficult to automate, as sites require a high degree of mobility to tackle uneven ground and stairs. The Company is building a turn-key Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) solution for Plant and Maintenance Managers, delivering inspection reports and trend analysis to support Operation & Maintenance decision making.

The Company is reducing the cost of legged robots by a factor of 10, leveraging machine learning for locomotion, autonomy and data-analysis. Low cost hardware + machine learning enable the Company to offer a complete service as a commercially attractive package.

The Company’s founder is a proven entrepreneur with previous experience in the robotics industry and, along with his experienced technical team, has already created impressive initial prototypes of the product at reduced scale, and are now building full-size robots.

The Company believes that a market-ready first version of their product can be ready within twelve months.

The company has received commitments for full SEIS allocation (£150,000) and is raising a further £300,000 under EIS for a total raise of £450,000 for 27% of the Company.


Sketchbook Games

Sketchbook Games believe that video games are one of the most powerful storytelling mediums and aim to use them to create unique, moving experiences. They’re currently working with renowned games writer Rhianna Pratchett on the multi-award winning Lost Words, an atmospheric adventure about a young girl aspiring to be a writer while dealing with the loss of her gran. The game is set between the pages of her diary and a fantasy land and ties the narrative into the gameplay in an unusual way, by having the player running on and interacting with the diary words themselves.


The studio have raised £225k so far and are looking for a further £250k in order to release the game across PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android platforms.

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