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Companies Looking for Investment


Sketchbook Games believe that video games are one of the most powerful storytelling mediums and aim to use them to create unique, moving experiences. They’re currently working with renowned games writer Rhianna Pratchett on the multi-award winning Lost Words, an atmospheric adventure about a young girl aspiring to be a writer while dealing with the loss of her gran. The game is set between the pages of her diary and a fantasy land and ties the narrative into the gameplay in an unusual way, by having the player running on and interacting with the diary words themselves.

The studio have raised £225k so far and are looking for a further £250k in order to release the game across PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android platforms.




Dotmatix takes the pain and cost out of developing complex applications for Internet of Things (‘IoT’) devices.  Dotmatix’s new IoT development language and tools allow users to create and deploy simple or very complex applications in hours or days rather than weeks or months.

Programming IoT with embedded code using traditional tools requires a wide range of specialist coding skills and is time consuming and therefore expensive.   Dotmatix has the potential to save companies substantial amounts of time and money, whilst improving reliability and security.

The IoT sector is experiencing significant growth (McKinsey is forecasting over 30% annual compound growth over the next 5 years).  In the IoT gold rush, Dotmatix could be a major supplier of picks and shovels!

There are no competing products and, in due course, Dotmatix coded devices will be able to be used on any IoT platform.

Current applications based on Dotmatix include craft brewery fermentation control systems, remote internal combustion engine fault insertion, weather station monitoring, electric motor control and fuel usage logging.

The business model is initially to sell complete IoT systems through partners to specific vertical markets such as micro-breweries to establish a user base and then to sell their tools and support services to companies who want to develop IoT applications or to suppliers to such companies.

Dotmatix are looking to raise £800,000 SEIS/EIS.  The main use of funds is to build the marketing effort and hire additional developers.



GlazeAlarm is a disruptive internet of things (IoT) home automation security product that allows glazing manufacturers to compete in the security space for the first time. A patent pending wireless, shock and humidity sensor system, the GlazeAlarm is installed within a double-glazed unit (DGU) during manufacture and will notify the user immediately upon a breakage of the glass via their chosen smart device. Capable of integration with most existing home security systems or as a stand-alone security solution, GlazeAlarm will be the most robust and tamper-proof glass break solution in the market, which importantly alerts the user before an intruder enters their property.

Another crucial function of GlazeAlarm is targeted at DGU manufacturers. By regularly reporting stress, temperature and humidity metrics within the glazed unit, GlazeAlarm is constantly monitoring the integrity and insulating efficiency of their units. This information is hugely valuable as it not only measures the long-term performance of every unit they produce but also monitors the integrity of each unit from the manufacturing plant to the point of delivery and final installation in the end customer’s property.

This funding round offers an EIS investment opportunity in an IoT home automation product at a very late stage in development just before launch. The Company is seeking £500k to take the GlazeAlarm into production and on to profitability. The product sits across the huge glazing, security and home automation industries and since the ‘soft launch’ of our prototype in late 2014 at Glasstec, the company had garnered significant distribution interest with some of the largest global players in the industry.

All prototyping and most testing are complete and the actual GlazeAlarms themselves are already at production stage. This fund-raise is intended to take us to full production for the whole ecosystem in approximately six months from its completion. The funds sought will be used for the following in rough chronological order;

  • final development of the Base Station
  • begin pre-launch legal work
  • take delivery of 12 x ‘pre-production’ Base Stations and 350 x production GlazeAlarms
  • deliver the above to a selection of our potential distributors for their internal testing
  • complete final development of the controlling app, wireless repeater and external siren
  • instruct tooling for the Base Station and the repeater/siren
  • enhance and strengthen our IP portfolio on current products and begin protecting future technologies
  • execute a couple of key hires prior to first sales

We have been working with a couple of local DGU manufacturers and DIY retailers who are awaiting the product and who already have allocated space in their showrooms to promote the GlazeAlarm. They will provide the early springboard for our sales launch and we will use these to finalise the supply chain and after-sales logistics and to iron out any unforeseen wrinkles in the process. A short but profitable ‘trial’ sales period will hopefully be followed by a launch with one the many larger industry players around the globe with whom we are currently in discussions. This will give us the blueprint and funds for a full scale global roll-out, which we anticipate could be within 12-15 months from completion of this funding round.


DIOMETER – ( web site under construction )
Intelligent Mapping Solutions for Farmers

  • Agriculture is a highly fragmented industry. It is increasingly being bombarded by new digital technologies, particularly concerning data, but it tends to be supplier led exacerbating the fragmentation problem. Smaller and medium sized farmers in particular are being left behind.
  • By combining geographical data in new ways and including ML/AI techniques Diometer plans to address these needs by developing an intelligent mapping engine with app access for farmers to data and a range of advanced features.
  • Initially targeting drainage companies and their mapping needs as they drain fields for farmers we will provide farmers with a simple to use app for use in the field.
  • Our small team brings experience of developing similar solutions for utilities and contractors as well as direct experience of the agricultural sector.
  • We are looking for £100,000 equity investment to drive development of the initial proposition and enable us to run trials with selected drainage companies and farmers.



Chronicle is an early stage company focused upon the use of personal narratives to support tourism, place making and personal well-being. We view ourselves as social media for meaningful life content.  Our initial clients include local authorities seeking to better engage with their local communities, differentiate their area, preserve heritage and promote tourism.  Beyond our current client market we also anticipate a consumer model for our offering in the future.

We engage with individuals to capture their personal stories (an activity that creates positive health and well-being outcomes in itself) and we have developed an early toolset that supports the distribution of, and engagement with, our content. Over time, we are building a valuable database of stories.

To date we have bootstrapped our development but would welcome investment to accelerate our growth path.  We are seeing an increasing appetite for our offering (including international interest) and are seeking £100k funding to develop the next iteration of our product set (including story creation tools) and to implement our plans for scaling.  To date we have not received grant funding from local government schemes and therefore we have the potential to leverage any investment.




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