Our business incubator offers:

Companies are accepted into the Incubator though a selection process, ensuring that their idea is commercially viable. While in the Incubator, companies will be measured against ongoing targets, to help them become sustainable and successful businesses.

IM Incubator member will also be able to enjoy

  • Access to Business Support, expertise and knowledge sharing from within the ecosystem
  • Use of the Innovation Martlesham address at Adastral Park to collect business mail
  • Access to meetings, etc.
  • Twelve months invitations to all Innovation Martlesham networking events and other ‘cluster only’ events
  • Free PR and Marketing to promote your Company
  • Access to the Tommy Flowers institute
  • Access to Adastral Park and associated facilities such as the restaurant, coffee shop, free parking, etc.

For more information about the Innovation Martlesham Incubator Facility, please contact Jim Milne             07710 091 339, or at

Currently Innovation Martlesham Incubator companies:

ICHU is a new initiative, focussing on improving the way that people communicate, using the oldest tool of all – voice. Speech Intelligibility is a growing challenge in voice communications – around 14% of adults globally have some impairment in the speech frequencies, leading to poor experience and the loss of precious minutes of time talking to our loved ones and colleagues. Add background noise to mix, and understanding what is being said becomes even more of a challenge. We want ICHU to make a difference to as many people as possible, by becoming the de-facto standard for Personalised Speech Intelligibility, working with telco operators to make the solution as accessible as possible for as many people as we can.


Point 2

The founders come from a strong academic and industrial background in the field of high-speed telecommunications, advanced control systems and localisation technologies.They have identified a cross-sector opportunity that addresses the need for precision localisation, orientation and robust communication in harsh and GPS-denied environments. The team have already developed a proof-of-concept that improves the spatial awareness and autonomy of robotic systems by providing high-speed and pinpoint accurate navigational information. They will now work with the IM support team to move forward their exciting plans for the next stage of the company.


Extend Robotics is a robotic technology company. We view ourselves as a special force taken on a mission to extend human capabilities beyond physical existence, using advanced robotic technologies. We augment human intelligence with machine intelligence to develop superhuman flying robots with scalable AI, and form an ecosystem to rapidly advance the robot autonomy under human control.

Extend Robotics is developing a non-conventional drone platform. It flies and perches with two robotic arms, which is guided by virtual reality technology over 5G internet. It works as a physical avatar of the user, to perform manipulation tasks remotely. By offering human-level dexterity at zero risk, it is a perfect tool to help industrial operators to perform installation and maintenance tasks in hard to reach confined high spaces. So that they can get the work done safer, faster and cheaper.

The vision of the Extend Robotics is to digitise the physical work to create scalable AI in robotic, while insuring rapid and smooth early adoption.


Fox Robotics is at the front of innovation in Robotics technology. Our start-up company has founded on November 2017, with a vision to establish our products and solutions at the front end of robotics. Our company is dedicated to solve fundamental problems across multiple areas such logistics, manufacturing, aerospace, health sectors, retail transport of goods (from manufacturing parts to nuclear waste) with a clear and focus to detail, easy to use robotics solutions and risk reduction on Cyber security and health and safety.Fox Robotics core team comprises talented Robotics, Electronics, Software developers, Cyber security engineers, marketing experts and mentoring from Britbots a leading investment fund in Robotics, this unique combination will allow our company to become extremely attractive and competitive in an industry that has the highest potential not seen since the computing revolution.



MajestEYE is a Data Analytics Technology vendor with the mission of empowering its customers to succeed in the transition to a data driven business model.

Founded by two Co-founders with complementary profiles, Business Transformation consulting and Data Science, MajestEYE crafts its vision for the value of data, its methodology for data analytics and its know-how into a proprietary technology that solve three main challenges faced by organisations engaged in Digital Transformation: First, scattered analytics resulting in inconsistent approaches and tools; second, the lack of open ended exploration of data leaving a wealth of knowledge untapped; third; the difficulty to deploy successful data analytics POCs at scale.

MajestEYE tackles these challenges first through a technology that covers the whole data value chain (from ingestion to deployment) following the best practices for data analytics methods; second, by dedicating an intuitive module for Exploratory Data Analytics and third, by using its powerful predictive analytics engine as a data modelling factory allowing knowledge extraction and deployment at scale.


.Spectranomy small

Spectranomy is developing tools and technologies to transform wireless spectrum management for regulators, operators and vendors in the trillion-dollar 5G+ wireless industry. Their patent-pending systems manage the underlying spectrum resource more efficiently, improving capacity and coverage, and saving money for our customers. In doing so, Spectranomy will benefit society as a whole.Spectranomy, the marketplace for spectrum.


Circuitbuilder small

Circuitbuilder is a platform to allow engineers and non-engineers alike to build their own custom electronic designs. We’ll take your idea, whether it’s a paper sketch, physical prototype, or finished schematic, and turn it into a professionally designed circuit board, dispatched straight to your door. Through our easy-to-use platform you’ll be able to see the progress of your design at any stage to ensure there are no surprises at the end! You’ll also know how much your design will cost to make with the LiveBOM tool letting you make informed decisions throughout.

Circuitbuilder is a very new company in the process of building both the platform and our own team, and have come to Innovation Martlesham for fantastic business support on offer. We are looking at funding opportunities to help build our MVP, and will be making full use of the mentors to provide their considerable expertise in helping to support us as we grow!


Reality zero 1 small

Reality Zero One (R01) develop 3D scan solutions and also offer 3D scan services. Our mission is to simplify and automate the capture of real-world objects and conversion to digital 3D assets and experiences. Target user sectors include digital production creatives (TV & film), games developers, arts & heritage, education, ‘makers’ (physical & digital), digital product promotion and marketing.  Some examples of our results here:


dotq logo smaller

.Q is a quantum technology start-up that utilises its unique combination of scientific and entrepreneurial know-how to help deliver future-proof encryption—that is encryption against adversaries with unlimited resources, including tomorrow’s powerful quantum computers. Specifically, we deliver a many-fold improvement on the performance of quantum key distribution (QKD) hardware, by means of a simple firmware update. Our technology is patent-pending, and is currently at the testing stage. We are looking to sell licences to QKD hardware manufacturers as well as leading UK telecommunication companies.


Heatley Consulting

Strokes are the 4th highest cause of death and the highest cause of long-term invalidity in the UK. More than 100,000 people experience a stroke each year and about 1M people are already living with the consequences. The treatment and rehabilitation for these patients, including the loss of productivity in the work place, costs the NHS and UK economy nearly £10bn annually. Heatley Consulting is leading the development of an innovative new medical scanner that will help to greatly improve these statistics by enabling stroke patients to be quickly scanned and diagnosed on scene. Treatment can then be commenced with minimal delay after the onset of the stroke, ideally within the first hour – the golden hour. This will greatly improve the outcome for these patients and reduce the incidence for long term rehabilitation. The new scanner uses safe, low intensity radio waves to determine whether a stroke has occurred. When fully developed its low cost, compact and readily portable construction will enable it to be carried in ambulances and first responder vehicles and used on-scene. This avoids the delays incurred in the current patient pathway, which requires stroke patients to be transported to a hospital for an X-ray CT scan before a diagnosis can be made and treatment commenced.  The new scanner can also be deployed in hospital emergency departments and high dependency wards far more widely and at considerably lower cost compared with X-ray CT incumbents.  With further development with non-specialist operators in mind, the new scanner could be deployed in nursing and care homes for the elderly where there is a localised population at an increased risk of stroke, as well as in GP surgeries and community health centres. Crucially, the scanner will help to increase the percentage of patients who present with stroke-like symptoms to be assessed, diagnosed and initial treatment commenced within the golden hour. This will significantly improve the outlook for these patients which in turn will help to reduce the annual ~£10bn cost of strokes to the nation.



Phoelex Ltd has developed disruptive intellectual property that can lead to dramatic enhancement of energy efficiency and cost reduction in high speed optical transceivers. The applications of the technology cover vast range of domains, with specific emphasis on data centres.



Sketchbook Games is a video game development studio currently working on story focused platformer, Lost Words (formerly The Last Word). The company was founded by game designer Mark Backler who has worked in the games industry for 10 years at companies like Electronic Arts, Sony and Lionhead Studios on games including Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and  Fable 2.



dotmatix_logo small

Dotmatix takes the pain out of developing embedded code for IoT devices.  Using our web based drag and drop interface, you can create and deploy simple or very complex applications in hours or days rather than weeks or months. Before deployment, you can step through your application using our online device emulator.

Our products can be used on Wifi, 3/4G or Ethernet connected devices and we support ISM wireless devices. Our platform can be used just for deployment and management, or you can use Dotmatix as your complete IoT platform.   The deployment process also creates your own web interface.

Current applications based on Dotmatix include craft brewery fermentation control systems, remote internal combustion engine fault insertion, weather station monitoring, electric motor control, heating control and water, oil and water use monitoring.”



Downstream Innovation helps companies that want to develop and grow their innovation capability. We’ll help you innovate with proven tools and methods that deliver both impact and results. Our open approach is based on many years of experience leading and delivering innovation for a global FTSE100 technology company and for its key clients. Successful innovation can be challenging. We’ve learnt how to maximise downstream success resulting in more successful projects and at an accelerated rate.

Downstream Innovation



diometer logo small

Farmers are facing a barrage of new digital propositions but without the skills or experience to take advantage of them. In an already fragmented and typically supplier-led industry, one which is increasingly facing new political, environmental, social and commercial challenges, the situation is only going to get worse. Diometer is developing a new solution to address these issues – an intelligent geographically based mapping engine accessible by farmers in the office and field. The Diometer system, incorporating the latest AI and ML techniques, will be able to integrate these disparate data sources and add further value with the introduction of new advanced agricultural features



TDS LOGO small

Tethered Drone Systems (TDS) is very pleased to have been invited to join the Innovation Martlesham Incubator.  TDS has been introduced to the IM team by the British Robotics Seed Fund who have invested in this start up business as part of their investment strategy in seeking out innovative robotics and autonomous technologies.



ZOA Log small

ZOA Robotics is pioneering the development of a low-cost robotic platform, enabling the automation of industrial inspections using highly mobile four-legged robots.

Thiago Azevedo, Founder, said: “We are a small, ambitious, talented team focused on shipping a revolutionary product. Our goal are robots with the grace of animals working with people, anywhere people can go, and some where people can’t. It’s great to join Innovation Martleshamm and I wanted to thank the IM team for their support, which has already been incredibly helpful.”


smartisant small

Smartisant, is delivering intelligent assisted living for all.  Our focus is on contextual smart homes, but our innovation is equally suited to other smart buildings and smart spaces.  The company is based on many years of innovative research and has a number of products in development.  The company provides consultancy on smart homes, buildings and other spaces.

Smartisant’s primary differentiator is our focus on improving quality of life, whilst protecting privacy.  We embrace an holistic approach to the smart home that enables shared context across services, to deliver a simpler, more intuitive and seamless user experience.  We utilise open-source hardware and integrate best-of-breed technology from 3rd parties, to enable commercial grade, intelligent smart spaces in a cost-effective manner

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