IM Lunchtime Speaker Event 6 June


1pm Welcome & Light Lunch
1.20pm Guest Speaker - Kane
1.30pm Guest Speaker - Jonathan
1.40pm Guest Speaker - Paul
1.50pm Guest Speaker - Derek
2pm Q&A
2.10pm Further Networking
2.30pm Close

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06 Jun 2017, 1300 - 1430


Innovation Martlesham, in association with TechEast, would like to invite you to  a Lunchtime Networking Event

with Guest Speakers From 4 IM Companies


Kane Halsey, Co-founder - Pickr  "Digitalise to survive, but what if you’re not ready for the 4th industrial revolution?"

Industry 4.0, the 4th industrial revolution, smart manufacturing, digital factories…these are some of the phrases being used today to describe a series of game-changing innovations that are changing the way products are manufactured for ever. But if you’re not Amazon, Uber or Siemens how can you take advantage & what does it mean for your workforce?

Jonathan Beadle - Radian Design

Paul Evans - Shareband

Derek Bell - Mitra     "The Age of Digital Transformation"

We’re in an age of digital transformation – but what does this mean, and how should companies react to it? Derek Bell will talk you through the concept and explain how organisations will need to be a part of the digital revolution to remain competitive. He’ll also cover the Internet of Things and provide real-life examples of digital transformation. Derek Bell is an experienced, results-oriented business leader, with over 30 years’ experience in the IT industry and a proven track record of successfully helping organisations, large and small, achieve transformational change.  A co-founder of Mitra Innovation, Derek has extensive experience of the global technology resourcing market.  His experience spans both public and private sectors, including telecoms, food & beverage, rail transport and central and local government.



Whilst working alongside innovative SMEs & corporates, self-managing a workforce to cater for significant growth, seasonal demand or major projects just hasn't been viable. Despite this I’ve often found myself frustrated by the lack of dependable workforce solutions.  So alongside two amazing technical talents we decided to make our own. Today the team at Pickr are helping fantastic businesses build and manage their own on-demand workforce saving them time, money and the disappointment of being overcharged and underserved. If you’re interested in how your business could improve your profitability & customer service or you're interested in joining an amazing team and motivated to make a difference - please get in touch.

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