How To Start A Start Up – All You Need To Know


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04 Jul 2018, 1000 - 1200


Innovation Martlesham, in association with TechEast, would like to invite you to another knowledge sharing event

The Ross Building, Adastral Park

Part of a knowledge sharing series from Innovation Martlesham

with Guest Speakers

Dr Nick Milner Milner, CEO Milner Strategic Marketing

John Matthews and Daniel English, Director, Louise Rogers Accountancy Ltd

Alan Jones, IM Technology Mentor and CEO Nerostorm

Jim Marshall, Founder and CEO MarshallWolfe

The first six months after deciding to start a company can be the most challenging a founder can have. Attendees of this event will benefit from the knowledge Innovation Martlesham (IM) has gained from working with over a hundred companies who are part of the IM cluster at Adastral Park, Ipswich, UK.

This session will provide a good overview of the key issues anyone considering starting a new company need to consider.

Topics include:


  • Company name
  • Company identity
  • Why Incorporation
  • Are internet domains important
  • Launching your brand
  • Basic business collateral

 KEEPING THE FINANCES STABLE  - John Matthews and Dan English

  • Do I need an accountant ?
  • How to incorporate
  • Should I get a business bank account ?
  • Tax issues
  • Am I a sole trader ?
  • Should I register with the VAT Man ?
    TOOLS OF THE TRADE  - Alan Jones
  • What are the basic bits of IT and Comms kit I need for an office ?
  • How much should I budget for setup and ongoing costs ?
  • Does it matter who I buy my domains from ?
  • Can I build my own website and how do you do it ?
  • Cloud vs not cloud
  • How do I protect my system from viruses and power supplies blowing up ?
   HOW WAS IT FOR ME - Jim Marshall
  • Why did I want to start my first company ?
  • What were the main challenges in the first 6 months ?
  • How do I price my time or my staff's time ?
  • How do I get customers and how do I keep them ?
  • Where do I find out about obligations for H&S, insurance, public liability, GDPR etc ?
  • When should I think about an exit plan and what does it mean ?


** IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please be advised that a delegate list will be created for hand-out at the event, for networking purposes. If you would like your name, company and job function to be included for other attendees to see, please let Jim know. This data will not be stored by Innovation Martlesham after the event **

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