Co-Locate and Collaborate the Coderus Way!

November 15, 2013

CoderusTeam2 Webres3

The Coderus Team, L-R: Mark Thomas, Edward Woodley, Robin Hardcastle, Aquilino Viveiros, Alison Thomas, Troy Rijkaard, Chris Hardcastle, Joshua Robinson, Michelle Blake and James Stout.

Coderus, Innovation Martlesham’s fastest-growing cluster company, is a major collaborator with other IM inhabitants and is reaping the benefits!

Thanks to its rapid growth over the past year and continued success with Bowers & Wilkins, Coderus have called upon Ifftner’s high-tech recruitment services to grow their team. They have also used Milner Ltd to rebrand the company and redesign the company website (Coderus Case Study).

Recent additions to the Coderus team are James Stout, who is working to further strengthen the company’s iOS software developments, Aquilino Viveiros, who is working on Server solution development and Joshua Robinson, who is boosting the company’s testing capabilities.

Coderus is a dynamic software design and development business, majoring on mobile and desktop applications for consumer devices.  They are currently providing all of Bowers & Wilkins’ iPad/iPhone and Mac/PC applications, as well as a data server application, embedded firmware support and other consumer device consultancy.

If you would like to learn more about Coderus, click here.

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