IM Accelerator Facility: The Accelerator offers a 6 month structured programme of activities focused on growth and offers a discounted Business Club rate for up to 2 people. Who Should Apply ?

  • Your company should
  • be an incorporated organisation
  • have a product, service or proof of concept
  • be self-funded
  • have a 6 month business plan that has clear objectives

IM Accelerator members will also be able to enjoy the restaurant, coffee shop and free parking at Adastral Park, have a 6 month invitation to all IM Networking Events, make use of the IM Adastral Park postal address and the ability to host guests.

For more information about the Innovation Martlesham Accelerator Facility, please contact Jim Milne 07710 091 339, or at

Those currently in the Accelerator :


Inasight accelerates an organisation’s adoption of predictive analytics and harnesses the power of machine learning by providing a set of pre-built reference architectures and associated patterns using the latest leading technology platforms from market leading vendors such as AWS, Elastic and Basis Technology. Combined with a highly experienced enterprise grade technical capability, Inasight provides the ability to digest and analyse data, reverse-engineer the information entities and analyse the relationships between them at both speed and volume.  Driving this is the creation of completely new business models as a direct result of a number of digitally disruptive forces, e.g. Cloud, IoT, Big Data, Social, etc., forcing existing businesses to rapidly transform. These are all powerful in their own right but when combined, “the Convergences of Forces”, they create an immense tipping point for new business opportunities. Driving these forces is a phenomenal and accelerating rate of data creation (structured and un-structured), which will only gather speed with the growing adoption of newly connected IoT devices. At Inasight we have the tools and expertise to accelerate the transformation of this data into tangible commercial insights for your business.

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